Bubbins: The Green Monster

Bubbins: The Green Monster is a no compromise action game with original gameplay and tactical depth targeted at children ages 6 to 99.

You must lead the hero into the castle where the Green Monster resides to save his favourite girl and best friend - Lule. On the way you will discover what befell the inventor bubbin that mysteriously disappeared here 10 years ago.

The game will be launched in Norway the fall 2007. Information about the project is found at (at the moment in Norwegian only).

The project is supported by Norwegian Film Fund and the Nordic Game Program.

Dark Flame

Dark Flame is an ambitious action adventure for ages 12 and up. The concept is inspired by Norwegian folklore, and is the sister project of a film by Merkur Film. We are at the moment working with them to develop the concept and raise funding for the game.


SagaEngine is Skalden Studio's game technology. It is a general game engine that can be used to realize many different concepts. It is made for being portable, with a platform independent game simulations engine as the core, and platform dependent presentation layers handling graphics, sound and user input on top.

Key features include:

  • A network ready action architecture
  • An action queue with multiple channels that enables in-game characters to perfrorm several unrelated actions at the same time
  • A powerful scripting architecture, handling both simple pre-emptive scripts and advanced AI scripting
  • Flexible physics system that allows different game actors, like birds and bipeds, to by governed by different algorithms
  • In-game messages with easy support for multiple languages

SagaEngine is open sourced under the QPL license at