Bubbins: The Green Monster recieves funding from the Nordic Game Program

Sept 19, 2006

The Nordic Game Program has granted Skalden Studios Bubbins project 400.000 DKK. The Norwegian Minister of Culture, Trond Giske, presented the five applicants to recieve funding during Nordic Game Potential in Malmö today. This is the first year the program funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers exists, and 58 projects contested for 2 million DKK. We are proud that our Bubbins project was among the five favoured. We have been told that all five panel experts, one from each of the Nordic countries, voted for our project. The project is granted the full amount applied for.

Norwegian Film Fund favours Bubbins

Oct 12, 2005

The Norwegian Film Fund gives Skalden Studios Bubbins: The Green Monster 600.000 NOK in project development support. The expert panel adviced the film fund that the game looked like great fun to play. We are grateful for the recognition as well as the support, and aim to prove the panel right when the game is launched during the fall 2007.

Skalden Studio

The skald was the poet of the Old Norse society. The creative richness of the mythology, the mundane realism of the sagas and the boldness of the vikings as seafaring merchants and warriors have never stopped catching imaginations everywhere.

Skalden Studio is an independent game developer located in Oslo, the very heart of old viking territory. The goal of Skalden Studio is to make stories come alive in the media of a new millennium. We tap into the cultural heritage of our ancestors for impulses. From this heritage Poul Anderson found inspiration for his Broken Sword, J.R.R. Tolkien for his Lord of the Rings and William Shakespare for his prince of Denmark.

But we also step boldly into new territory, and create universes never before seen by creature nor man.